As PhD supervisor:

  • Thomas Beaussier, 2016-2019: Assessing the impacts of prospective scenarii in territorial Life Cycle Analysis. Application to a forest territory (discipline : Economics).
  • Miguel Rivière, 2017-2020 : How to combine wood production and ecosystemic services in forest? Assessment of the environemental and economic impacts on the French forest sector (discipline : Economics).

As member of Phd committee:

  • Rémi Demol, 2018-2021: Hydrogen Production from Biomass and Waste Gasification, Techno-Economic Assessment of Innovative Solutions (discipline: Chemistry).
  • Ghenima Amer, 2017-2020: Assessing the conditions for securing the wood biomass supply of a bioalcohol unit (discipline: Economics).
  • Jonathan Lenglet, 2016-2019: Forest, Forest Sector and Territories  (discipline : Geography).

As Master thesis supervisor:

  • Jemma Lemarchand, 2017 (Master of Economics) : Climate services valuation in forest and agriculture
  • Guillaume Hellot, 2016 (Engineer Degree AgroParisTech): Forest sector resilience in the Regional Natural Parc of the “Ballons des Vosges”
  • Loïc Kawalec, 2016 (Master of Geography) : Development of a modeling tool to assess the environmental and economic impacts of prospective scenarii in the  forest sector
  • Jonathan Lenglet, 2015 (Engineer Degree AgroParisTech): Assessment of wood products flows in “Grand Est” region
  • Alexandre Gourdy, 2012 (Master 1) : Forest pathogens risks in forest